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Water is very valuable, it is not priced right. Infrastructure is decaying, funding to rehabilitate is scarce. Water security is under pressure. Environmental protection is a key concern. In this climate, PROTEUS Consulting helps Water Managers with risk management, innovative funding sources, novel revenue models, and to define brand-new markets. We empower our clients to take the situation at hand and envision new solutions that forge a new path ahead. We help them become The Utility of the Future – transforming them from discrete function-based operation entities to dynamic, integrated, whole-businesses.

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  • Risk Analysis and Scenario Planning
  • Grant Consultation, Grant Match
  • Grant and Loan Applications and Reporting
  • Venture Capital/Private Equity Funding
  • Water Markets, Water Exchanges
  • Renewable Energy Credits
  • Water Conservation Credits
  • Carbon Market and Credits
  • Financial Analysis, Return on Assets
  • Intellectual Property Rights Options / Licensing